Paranoia is running the day

I really haven’t been all that keen on Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie Inherent Vice. For some reason, the movie just looks like one of those films that treads water for the entire running time, not really going anywhere. And in previous trailers, all of the attempts at jokey slapstick looked weak, as though they were being done by someone who had never done comedy before. Which, to be fair, is almost the case with P.T. Anderson. Anyway, this new trailer looks a lot better than any of the previous stuff released in promotion of the movie. I’m still not totally jazzed, but I’m much more open to seeing it at this point. Joaquin Phoenix looks like he’s going to put in a great performance. But will the film around him be any good?

Inherent Vice is slowly being released over the course of December 2014 and early 2015.

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