Before They Were Stars (2-for-1 Special): Michael Keaton and David Letterman Sing with Mary Tyler Moore

Now that the nominations for the 87th Academy Awards have been announced, it’s time for an annual tradition here at The Back Row: “Before They Were Stars” clips for this year’s nominees! We’ll start with Michael Keaton, who received his first-ever “Best Actor” nomination for his phenomenal performance in Birdman, my favourite movie of 2014 and my pick to win. In 1978, the acclaimed sitcom, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, had just been cancelled, so Mary Tyler Moore decided to follow it up by starring in her own variety show entitled Mary. Two of the cast members were a pair of unknowns who would go on to much bigger things: Michael Keaton and David Letterman. However, on the basis of this clunky and godawful musical┬ánumber, it’s easy to see why CBS decided to cancel Mary after only three episodes. Seriously, just look at Letterman in the background and you’ll never see a guy look more awkward and uncomfortable while doing a song-and-dance number.

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