Before They Were Stars: Marion Cotillard Gives Birth on “Highlander: The Series”

Now that the nominations for the 87th Academy Awards have been announced, it’s time for an annual tradition here at The Back Row: “Before They Were Stars” clips for this year’s nominees! Marion Cotillard has garnered her second career “Best Actress” nomination for her performance in Two Days, One Night, a.k.a. this year’s obligatory Oscar nominee which no one has seen. I’ve previously showcased one of Cotillard’s earliest acting roles at the age of 17 as a rape victim on an episode of Highlander: The Series. Believe it or not, that was not Cotillard’s first appearance on the show. A couple of episodes beforehand, she made a very brief appearance as a girl giving birth, but because she didn’t have any lines of dialogue, she did not even receive a credit for the role. However, Cotillard emoted the HELL out of this childbirth scene, which must have impressed someone enough to bring her back for a speaking role on a later episode. You can first see her at the 10:48 mark of this clip.

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