The Reign of Jupiter

You know it’s a good day when there’s a new trailer for Jupiter Ascending! Man, what am I going to do with myself once this movie is released? It’s hard to believe that, after so long, this movie is only a week and a half away. So let’s recap what we know, shall we?

  • 1. Channing Tatum is a kung fu space elf with rocket boots
  • 2. Mila Kunis is the queen of the universe, who has been living in Chicago
  • 3. Sean Bean’s character is named Stinger and has bee DNA
  • 4. Terry Gilliam is in this movie
  • 5. The bad guys include Gundam Wings, gargoyles, big dudes in gimp masks, and Eddie Redmayne

I think we can safely retitle that list to “5 reasons to see Jupiter Ascending,” am I right?

Jupiter Ascending comes out February 6, 2015.

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