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I love Brad Bird’s movies, so I’ve been quite interested in Tomorrowland, but there are still a couple of red flags that are keeping me from really getting into this movie. First the good: Brad Bird has a good sense of whimsy, the hook of having a teleporter pin is neat (and an amazing bit of marketing, because I already want that pin), George Clooney looks well cast for this kind of role, and Hugh Laurie is in the movie as some kind of space-tomorrow-man. The bad: Damon Lindelof is writing it, and man, that guy’s output hasn’t been great. Lost, Star Trek Into Darkness, Prometheus? Ugh. Also, it’s based on another pre-existing Disney attraction, making this just one long commercial. Sure, the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was good fun, but the other three (soon to be four) were just bad. And let us not forget the disaster that was The Haunted Mansion. Anyway, call me cautiously optimistic on this one.

Tomorrowland comes out May 22, 2015.

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