Before They Were Stars: Channing Tatum as an Extra in “War of the Worlds”

This weekend, after much delay, the eagerly anticipated sci-fi epic Jupiter Ascending has finally arrived in theatres, showcasing Channing Tatum as a space elf. You may not know that Tatum actually had an early role in another sci-fi epic, Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. Well, kinda. Apparently, Tatum had a few lines of dialogue during the sequence where the church is destroyed, but his entire part was left on the cutting room floor. All that remains of Channing Tatum in the finished film is him running around in the background as an extra, but you would never know it was him. You’ll have to pause the video to even get a glimpse of him, but apparently, Tatum’s the guy in the black baseball cap running behind Tom Cruise at the 0:23 mark.

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