Before They Were Stars: Chris Rock as an Extra in “Krush Groove”

Remember this exchange from Dogma?

This from the guy who still owes me 10 bucks over that bet about what was gonna be the bigger movie: “E. T. ” or “Krush Groove”?

You know, fuck you, man, ’cause time’s gonna tell on that one.

For those of you who don’t know, Krush Groove was a 1985 movie about rap music which featured both Run D.M.C. and The Fat Boys. If you want to play “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”, start by remembering that Chris Rock was in Dogma. And then guess who pops up as a background extra in Krush Groove? That’s right, when you’re done listening to the Fat Boys,¬†look for a young Chris Rock in a turquoise shirt standing in the background at the 2:40 mark of this clip.

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