Hooray for Hollywood

The Weiss family is the archetypical Hollywood dynasty who finds themselves on the verge of implosion, each struggling with their own demons.

I wasn’t overly impressed with David Cronenberg’s last film Cosmopolis, but it wasn’t entirely without merit. Still, Robert Pattinson was utterly wooden in the lead role, and kind of a weak point in my opinion, which is why I’m a bit confused as to why Cronenberg has apparently developed a fascination with the guy. Here he is again in Cronenberg’s new movie Map to the Stars, which I guess is kind of a seedy, twisted look at Hollywood. Reviews have been something of a mixed bag so far, so I’ll probably wait until this pops up on VOD before I watch it, but regardless of the inclusion of Pattinson, you’ll never have to twist my arm to get me to watch a Cronenberg movie.

Maps to the Stars comes out on February 27, 2015.

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