Before They Were Stars: Leonard Nimoy in “Kid Monk Baroni”

You’re probably well aware that the legendary Leonard Nimoy passed away yesterday at the age of 83. Before he was cast as Spock on Star Trek and became an icon, Nimoy already had a plethora of film and TV credits under his belt, but his first starring role came in 1952 when he was cast in the title role of a low-budget B-movie called Kid Monk Baroni. Nimoy played a tough street punk who attempts to turn his life around by becoming a successful boxer. Kid Monk Baroni was shot in nine days and, in the immortal words of Mr. Nimoy, was “the kind of film which turned celebrities into unknowns”, so it took a few years before his career got back on track. However, it’s certainly worth watching as a curiousity piece just to see the future Mr. Spock playing a Rocky Balboa-type character.

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