You gotta cock it, motherf—–

When Air Force One is shot down by terrorists leaving The President of the United States stranded in the wilderness, there is only person who can save him – a 13-year old boy called Oskari, who had been planning to track down a deer, but instead discovers the most powerful man on the planet in an escape pod. With the terrorists closing in, the unlikely duo must team up to escape their hunters as Pentagon officials observe the action via satellite feed.

You’re getting a double-dose of Samuel L. Jackson today! If you listen to our podcast, you know that we’re all eagerly anticipating Big Game as one of the wackiest movies being released this year. Jackson is the President and he teams up with the kid from Rare Exports to fight Ray Stevenson. Sold! And hey, now it has a release date!

Big Game comes out June 26, 2015.

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