Always on duty.

I can’t remember the last time this has happened; I honestly don’t…feel…anything towards Netflix’s Inspector Gadget reboot series. When I was a kid, I loved Inspector Gadget. I watched it every day before school – it was a great time. Get Smart with a cyborg. The movies stank, but that didn’t rattle my enjoyment of the property. And then Netflix announced it was bringing back Uncle Gadget and the gang.

My first thought was “Is anyone clamoring for an Inspector Gadget revival?” Then I remembered that Netflix likes to base their decisions on the data that they collect from the people who watch stuff through their service. So apparently people ARE clamoring for more Gadget. Who knew?

My next thought was “I should probably be excited or angry about this.” But honestly, the show doesn’t look good enough for me to be excited (Brain looks kinda creepy, imo), and it doesn’t look bad enough for me to be angry. Anyway, I plan on watching at least one episode, but you’ll have to tune in to our weekly podcast to find out my opinions.

Inspector Gadget, the next generation, will be released in one huge dump on March 27, 2015.

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