Before They Were Stars: Brock Lesnar Does Amateur Wrestling in 1996

Hello, folks, I have just returned from a long vacation in Arizona and even though Gill did a fine job taking over the “Before They Were Stars” reins while I was gone, it’s time for me to get back into action. This coming weekend, World Wrestling Entertainment is presenting Wrestlemania 31 and Brock Lesnar, who has just re-signed with the company for three more years, will be defending the world title in the main event. To showcase how far he’s come, here’s some homemade footage of Brock at age 19, competing for the South Dakota amateur wrestling title in 1996. And he actually LOSES the match by submitting at the end, something which seems unfathomable today. Other than being a lot bulkier, it’s amazing to see that Brock pretty much looks exactly the same 19 years later, though I’m beginning to wonder if he literally came out of his mother’s womb with that buzzcut.

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