You’ve got a secret.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m not the biggest James Bond fan out there, but man, Skyfall won me over in a very big way. In fact, I was such a fan of Skyfall and so nonplussed by the Daniel Craig Bond movies that preceded it that I had almost forgotten how they set up Spectre all the way back in Casino Royale.

Anyway, there are two big things that I take away from this trailer (other than the fact that, on a purely visual level, it is absolutely gorgeous).

One: Christoph Waltz is totally playing Blofeld. Maybe they’re not going to name him Blofeld, maybe his character is actually named Oberhauser like all the marketing stuff about the movie has claimed. But he is Blofeld. Come on, Hollywood. Stop trying to fool us into thinking you won’t be bringing back a classic villain by giving him a different name. It didn’t work with Star Trek Into Darkness, and it ain’t working here.

Two: WHAT IS JAMES BOND’S SECRET?! I hope it’s a lead-in to a James Bond Junior revival. Remember that? That was totally a thing.

Spectre comes out November 6, 2015.

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