Before They Were Stars: 6-Year Old Chandler Riggs in “Jesus H. Zombie”

I’m pleased to announce that The Back Row has secured exclusive footage of next season’s premiere of The Walking Dead. Wow, I know Carl was annoying, but who could have predicted he’d be killed off in the opening scene by a zombie Jesus Christ?!

Okay, I kid. This is actually footage from Jesus H. Zombie, a 2006 zombie horror comedy shot in Georgia on a budget of $1,000. It just happened to feature a six-year old Chandler Riggs, who has his very first brush with the walking dead by killed off during the pre-credits sequence. Jesus H. Zombie is only 47 minutes long, but the fact that the film has to pad its entire first minute with non-stop scenery shots should probably tell you everything you need to know about its quality. You see, folks, The Walking Dead might have many problems, but it could be a LOT worse!

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