Before They Were Stars: Terry Crews on “Battle Dome”

After retiring from the National Football League, Terry Crews made a successful transition into an acting career, but it took him a few years to get there. Crews first post-NFL gig was becoming a character on Battle Dome, an American Gladiators-style TV show in which athletes known as “Warriors” competed in bizarre athletic competitions. Of course, the whole thing was scripted in the style of pro wrestling with colourful good guys facing off against colourful bad guys, and Crews portrayed one of their most villainous characters: a douchebag named “T-Money”. Appropriately enough, Battle Dome¬†actually did a cross-promotional work with World Championship Wrestling, as the Warriors and wrestlers from WCW often competed against each other. Alas, the crossover didn’t seem to do much good, as both Battle Dome and WCW were out of business by April 2001.

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