Before They Were Stars: Leif Garrett in “Devil Times Five”

Leif Garrett is often seen as a poster child for “child stars gone wrong”, but I have to ask: how could a kid possibly turn out right after starting out his career by acting in¬†Devil Times Five?! Our very own Vince Nitro recently screened Devil Times Five for the Back Row crew, as it was a childhood favourite of his, but dear God, is it terrible! The film is a low-budget 1974 grindhouse horror flick about five psychotic children who terrorize a group of adults at a secluded mountaintop home and proceed to murder them all. As you probably guessed, a young Leif Garrett plays one of the evil children. As awful as Devil Times Five is, the highlight is undoubtedly the ultra-grumpy simpering character of Harvey Beckman (played by Sorrell Booke, the future Boss Hogg on The Dukes of Hazzard!), who is continually antagonized by Leif Garrett’s bratty psycho until Leif decides to put an axe into Harvey’s head. For your convenience, I’ve posted the entire (public domain) movie, but watching Devil Times Five without the aid of booze or a mocking audience of friends is probably¬†harmful to your health.

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