Do you bleed?

Well, Warner Bros. and DC couldn’t let Disney’s new Star Wars trailer be the hit preview of the week, so “someone” has leaked the trailer for the horribly named Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice early! And honestly, my reaction is a resounding “meh.” Obviously this is just a teaser thing, because it mostly consists of tracking shots and voiceover. We hear a bit of Lex Luthor Eisenberg ranting about Superman, and he makes a compelling argument, but the real meat of the trailer comes at the end, when we finally see Ben Affleck in full Batman gear squaring off against the Man of Steel. He’s got the crazy armour and everything, straight out of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. But will it be any good? I dunno, man. The most surprisingly thing about this trailer for me was how little Ben Affleck bothered me. In fact, I think he’ll actually make a solid Batman. Yeah, I said it.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice sulks its way into theatres on March 25, 2016. Does anybody else find it weird that it’s a March release? Just sayin’.

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