Before They Were Stars: Nancy Cartwright in “Twilight Zone: The Movie”

You’ve probably seen the classic “The Bart Zone” segment on the “Treehouse of Horror II” episode of The Simpsons¬†where Bart has omnipotent powers, giving himself the ability to do anything with his mind. The segment was a parody of “It’s a Good Life”, a classic episode of The Twilight Zone, and this particular episode would be remade and directed by Joe Dante when the anthology screen version, Twilight Zone: The Movie, was released in 1983. Appropriately enough, the future voice of Bart Simpson herself, Nancy Cartwright, had a role in this particular segment of the movie as the omnipotent boy’s sister and you can see her as the blonde in the schoolgirl outfit in this particular scene. As if there wasn’t enough Simpsons foreshadowing here, Cartwright’s character is killed after her evil brother transports into a cartoon.

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