Before They Were Stars: David Letterman Hosts a Failed Game Show Pilot

As you probably know, David Letterman hosted his final episode of The Late Show last night, so it’s only appropriate that I dig way back into the archives to uncover what is probably his first hosting gig on television. In 1977, Letterman hosted a game show called Riddlers in which five celebrities (one of whom is a young Michael McKean) squared off against regular contestants to answer riddles. However, since Riddlers never got past the pilot stage, this is the only episode ever produced, so it seems Letterman was not destined to join the ranks of Bob Barker and Alex Trebek and become a lifetime game show host. The major highlight of Riddlers is probably this outtake where an overhead light explodes and scares the shit outta everybody while Letterman demonstrates his quick wit by informing everyone that the studio is under sniper file.

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