Before They Were Stars: Jeff Goldblum is Beaten Up by Charles Bronson in “St. Ives”

As you might already know, Jeff Goldblum made his film debut as “Freak#1” in Death Wish, which was a very atypical role for him. Goldblum’s character basically jumpstarts the entire franchise by beating Charles Bronson’s wife to death and forcing Bronson’s daughter to perform oral sex on him. However, even though this incident turned Bronson into a vigilante who kills 100 thugs over the course of five movies, he never did get revenge on Goldblum’s character. Or… did he? It turns out that two years after Death Wish, Goldblum made a brief appearance in another Charles Bronson action vehicle called St. Ives. Goldblum played the role of “Hood#3” (I guess Freak#1 got demoted), who attempts to throw Bronson down an elevator shaft. This time, Bronson finally gets the opportunity to beat up the douchebag who fucked with his family.

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