Before They Were Stars: Richard Schiff in “Tank Girl”

In honour of the recent release of Jurassic World, I’ve been doing a lot of “Before They Were Stars” features on alumnus from the Jurassic Park movies. Here’s one for Richard Schiff, who played Eddie Carr in The Lost World shortly before he was cast as┬áToby Ziegler on The West Wing. Before that, Schiff had a lot of small bit parts on his resume, one of which was the role of “Trooper in Trench” in Tank Girl, who winds up getting blown up by his own grenade. I’m including a clip of this scene from the Nostalgia Critic version of Tank Girl since he pokes fun of Schiff’s rather bored line reading of “Oh shit” before he blows up. I bet no one predicted this guy was a future Emmy Award winner.

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