Before They Were Stars: Billy Burke in “Daredreamer”

Billy Burke is your prototypical character actor who pops up in a lot of stuff and is best known for his role as Bella’s father in the Twilight series. He made his acting debut in an ultra-obscure 1990 film called Daydreamer and you can see him as a high school student in this classroom scene, sporting a haircut like Gozer from Ghostbusters. Quite frankly, this might be the schmaltziest clip we’ve ever posted on The Back Row! As far as I can tell, Daredreamer was a starring vehicle for Tim Noah, a popular children’s entertainer from Seattle and this clip consists of him picking up his guitar to sing an inspirational song to his students called “Dare to Dream”. The scene is so on-the-nose that the students are literally shown daydreaming their fantasies while this cheesy song is playing.

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