Yo, Granny! Let’s go!


The idea of a fourth Evil Dead movie has been kicked around for a couple of decades now. It never seemed to get off the ground, and it became almost a joke to the fans. A carrot perpetually dangled in front of our noses. So when I heard Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi talking about reviving Evil Dead as a TV series, I was instantly skeptical. My cynical response was “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Well, folks, now I’ve seen it in an episode 3+ minute trailer. Holy shit. This actually looks fantastic. Campbell’s charisma is just as sharp as ever, there’s loads of blood and practical special effects, and unlike Indiana Jones, Ash is a hero who works as an aging codger. Guys, this could be to Evil Dead what Mad Max: Fury Road was to the Mad Max series.  Gimme some sugar, baby!

Ash vs. Evil Dead debuts on October 31, 2015!

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