Two Trailers For Movies I Don’t Really Care About

UPDATE: Here’s an official version of the Suicide Squad trailer.

I feel like we’re reaching the peak of comic book superhero movies (if we haven’t already), and the evidence of this lies in what’s coming out of ComicCon. There were two big trailer leaks this year which still haven’t been given proper releases by the studios: the trailers for Suicide Squad and Deadpool, and neither movie has been causing big waves. I mean, sure, there are people looking forward to both of those films, but they’re not getting the kind of press that previous comic book movies have gotten. I mean, does anybody remember all the hype when Ryan Reynolds was promoting Green Lantern? It was bigger than the hype for Deadpool, that’s for sure. Anyway, watch these trailers while you can, in their crappy handheld versions. And if you find yourself really inspired and hyped by either one, please let me know, because from where I’ve been sitting, these two movies have landed with a big thud.

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