Before They Were Stars: Ric Flair Cuts a Promo in 1974

Yesterday, published my latest article I wrote for them, “5 Famous People With Mind-Blowing Connection to Evil Crimes”. Since one of the entries on the list covered Ric Flair’s dark origin story as a black market baby in an illegal adoption ring, I thought it only appropriate to dig up some early Ric Flair footage from 41 years ago. In 1974, Flair had only been in the wrestling business for two years and just started working for the Mid-Atlantic region. In this interview segment, Flair is paired up with a veteran wrestler named Rip Hawk to hype an upcoming tag team match. It’s surreal to see him in the early stages of his “Nature Boy” persona, fine-tuning his character and capping off his promo with a rather awkward-sounding early version of his soon-to-be iconic “WOOOO!”.

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