UPDATE: Click here to watch the trailer on tumblr before it gets yanked again.

I prefer not to post leaked trailers out of ComicCon, because undoubtedly official versions of these trailers are coming soon, and I like watching previews with my neck upright instead of bent at a Dutch angle. But I just couldn’t wait for an official copy to share my thoughts on the upcoming Warcraft movie. A bit of background: I don’t play World of Warcraft, and I really have no interest in doing so at this point. I understand it’s wildly popular, but it just ain’t my thing. Before WoW, though, I did play the other RTS Warcraft games and thoroughly enjoyed them. Since the Warcraft film is based off of the first game in the series, my lack of WoW knowledge shouldn’t matter when it comes to my opinion on this movie. So here’s my opinion. THIS. LOOKS. BAD. As the snarky commenter in the video above says, it’s just a big, hulkin’ CGI fest. I mean, I know it’s based on a video game, but does this movie have to look like a video game too?

Anyway, there is absolutely nothing about this trailer that compels me to watch the film. Maybe future Warcraft trailers will look better, but I was bored as hell by this one. I only watched it to the end to bitch about it properly, otherwise I would have turned it off halfway. After years of hype, numerous directorial changes, and a one of the most popular game franchises of all time as your source material, this is really, really underwhelming. Like, I’m getting a Dungeons & Dragons (the movie) vibe off of this. Not good.

Warcraft comes out June 10, 2016.

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