Before They Were Stars: Paul Feig Performs in Drag in “Ski Patrol”

Paul Feig has become one of the top comedy directors in Hollywood, having helmed such hits as Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy. And of course, there’s that whole¬†upcoming Ghostbusters reboot thing. It seems like an unlikely success story since Feig spent the first decade or so of his career as an actor in forgettable comedy projects and didn’t seem like a guy with huge directorial aspirations. It took me a long time to realize that my younger self actually saw one of Feig’s forgettable early projects¬†in a theatre when it originally came out: a wacky 1990 comedy called Ski Patrol, which is essentially “Police Academy on the slopes” (and also featured an early role for George Lopez). Feig played a supporting character named Stanley, a huge dork who winds have a secret talent for dancing and winds up getting to perform two impromptu dance numbers, one of which involves him dressing up in drag and lip syncing “Dancing in the Streets”. Knowing Hollywood, I’m sure we’ll get a Ski Patrol reboot any day now.

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