Before They Were Stars: Daniel Bryan vs. Finn Balor in 2007

I’m a person who¬†has attended my fair share of wrestling shows where I’ve witnessed future stars having matches before they were famous, so there’s nothing quite like uncovering an old match featuring two wrestling superstars squaring off each other under a less-than-glamorous circumstances. Here’s World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Daniel Bryan, back when he was still known as “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, in a dream match against Irish wrestler Fergal Devitt, who has recently been signed to a developmental contract by WWE under the name “Finn Balor” and seems destined to become one of their future breakout stars. So it’s quite funny to see these two wrestling gods fighting each other inside a rec hall at the National Wrestling Alliance Empire show in June 2007 in front of a paltry crowd that appears to be less than 100 people.

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