Before They Were Stars: Frank Miller in “RoboCop 2”

You might not know that after he started making a name for himself in the world of comics, Frank Miller tried his hand at screenwriting and penned the original screenplays for RoboCop 2 and 3. Unfortunately, Miller faced a ton of studio interference and his scripts underwent so many rewrites that the finished movies both wound up being complete messes. The experience completely soured Miller on the movie business for a long time and he pretty much stayed away from the world of cinema until Sin City¬†finally made it to the big screen. Anyway, Miller wound up making an uncredited cameo appearance in RoboCop 2 as Frank, the chemist who manufactures the highly addictive drug, Nuke. The only available Youtube clip of Miller’s dialogue scene is in Spanish, but the following clip features Miller blowing himself up after RoboCop invades the Nuke lab.

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