Shut up, put the record on, drop the needle, crank up the volume.

Since Boardwalk Empire ended last year, it only makes sense that a good chunk of the people who worked on it would immediately start developing another series for HBO. Martin Scorsese and Terence Winter have combined their talents with Mick Jagger to create Vinyl – a series about Bobby Cannavale as a New York music executive getting caught up in all the debauchery and insanity of the 1970’s rock and roll scene. Because Boardwalk Empire did the 1920’s gangster thing so well, I haven’t been able to get into other period gangster shows like that, such as Peaky Blinders, even though I’m sure they’re good. So I’m glad to see Scorsese and company moving to a different period in time, in a different industry than politics and boozemongering. I’ll definitely be giving Vinyl a shot when it debuts next year.

Vinyl premieres sometime in 2016.

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