Home Free


In the realm of indie games where you play as an animal trying to survive in a harsh environment, I thought for sure that Shelter – the game where you play as a mama badger trying to get her cubs (pups? What do you call a baby badger) to safety in a forest full of predators – was the most heart-wrenching the genre could offer. But man, I think that Home Free may take the cake. In Home Free you play as a dog abandoned by its master, trying to find your way home in a randomly generated city populated with cars and other animals. Will you be able to steal enough food to survive? Will you avoid getting killed by a vehicle? Oh man, that shot at the end of this trailer is already making my eyes water. I’m sure this is going to be a great game, but as a former dog owner, I’m already holding back the tears.

Home Free is on Kickstarter now!

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