Before They Were Stars: 18-Year Old Justin Trudeau in a College Debate

While The┬áBack Row might not be a political website, who says we can’t do the occasional “Before They Were Stars” spotlight on politicians? As you might know, The Back Row is a Canadian website and Justin Trudeau was just elected Prime Minister of our fine country this past week. Being the son of another rather famous Canadian Prime Minister, you’d probably expect Justin to have popped up in some footage when he was young. Well, here he is at age 18 in a news segment on The National in 1990. At the time, Trudeau was attending the College Jean-de-Brebeuf in Montreal and participated in a student debate about Quebec sovereignty, where he took the rather unpopular position of defending Canadian federalism. It’s quite amusing to the future Prime Minister of Canada defending his position while chewing gum on camera and giving off a vibe that he just does not give a fuck what anyone else thinks.

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