Our world is dying…

Wanna play a drinking game? Take a drink every time someone says “world” in this trailer for Warcraft. Note, too, that this isn’t a trailer for World of Warcraft, it’s just Warcraft, which means that it isn’t based on the popular MMO, but the series that preceded WoW. Which in turn means that it has been over a decade since a video game relating to this movie was last released (Warcraft 3 in 2002). Blizzard recently announced that they would no longer be reporting subscriber numbers for World of Warcraft, which obviously means that those numbers are dwindling, so my suspicion is that this movie (which looks terrible) is being made out of obligation and nothing more. They figure “We’re losing popularity, so if we’re going to make a movie, we’d better do it now.” But it’s not going to go well, and here’s why: even if every WoW player bought a ticket, at last count there were only about 5 million of them. So they wouldn’t even cover the majority of this movie’s supposed $100 million budget. I’m gonna enjoy watching this midguided venture flop bad. Shame, though. I like Duncan Jones.

Warcraft comes out June 10, 2016.

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