Before They Were Stars: Don Cheadle in “The Meteor Man”

When Don Cheadle took the reins from Terrence Howard to portray War Machine in the Iron Man sequels, it was actually not the first time he ever appeared in a superhero movie. Back in 1993, Cheadle had a supporting role in a goofy superhero comedy called The Meteor Man, starring Robert Townsend as an ordinary guy who gains superpowers after being struck by a meteor. In spite of a supporting cast that included the likes of James Earl Jones and Bill Cosby, The Meteor Man was not exactly a critical or commercial hit, so I don’t expect to see a Meteor Man reboot anytime soon. Nevertheless, Cheadle played the role of Goldilocks, a henchmen in a gang called the Gordon Lords and you can see the gold-haired Cheadle during this goofy fight sequence in which Meteor Man and his super-villain rival wind up getting into a dance-off.

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