Run? We mortals do it all the time!

If you follow this site at all, you probably know that I really enjoy bad fantasy movies. I don’t care how dumb they are, I just get a huge kick out of overblown, expensive, and utterly terrible fantasy films. It’s probably a holdover from me being a kid during the golden age of 80’s cheeseball fantasy, but whatever the case, you can bet that I will probably watch any fantasy action adventure picture you throw at me. I sat through Seventh Son, for crying out loud, and I fully intend to watch The Last Witchhunter. Combine this information with the fact that I count Dark City among my favorite sci-if movies, and you might think that I’d be champing at the bit to see director Alex Proyas’ new movie Gods of Egypt. But you would be wrong. For while the imagery here is pretty neat, and it is undeniably going to be another big-budget bad fantasy movie…it’s a bunch of white dudes playing the gods of Egypt! Come on, man, this isn’t The Ten Commandments! Can we get some actual Egyptian people in this movie?  Or at least people who look close to being Egyptian? I could even be okay with just one of the main dudes being white, but this is ridiculous. Plus, it looks so far removed from any actual Egyptian mythology that they could have just called it by a different title and not pissed everyone off with their whitewashing ways. Sheesh. Anyway, I’ll cop to the fact that I’ll probably watch this eventually, but I’ll be damned if I pay a cent to do so.

In other news, this is totally going to be my nomination for Batshit Crazy Movie of 2016.

Gods of Egypt comes out February 26, 2016.

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