Before They Were Stars: 11-Year Old Justin Trudeau Sees “Return of the Jedi”

Within a two-month span, we’ve seen a new Canadian Prime Minister get elected into office and the release of a long-awaited follow-up to Return of the Jedi. So what do these two events have in common? Well, it turns out our current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, attended a preview of Return of the Jedi when he was 11 years old. Of course, an 11-year old seeing Return of the Jedi is hardly a momentous event, but when your father happens to be Prime Minister at the time, it winds up making CBC News. Justin even provides his brief thoughts on Jedi, calling it better than its predecessors. This whole segment makes 1983 seem like a prehistoric area. Today, you can just go online and pre-order tickets to The Force Awakens months in advance. Back then, hardcore Star Wars fans had to line up around the block at 5:30 AM!

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