A Tribute to David Margulies (1937-2016)

The whole world is still mourning the tragic loss of David Bowie, but you might not have realized that another prominent “David” from the entertainment world has just passed away. Longtime character actor David Margulies died on January 11, 2016 at the age of 78, ending a nearly 35-year career on stage and screen in which he amassed over 80 film and television credits. But let’s face it, even if you’re not familiar with Mr. Margulies’ work, he’s an instantly recognizable figure simply from playing Lenny Clotch, the Mayor of New York City in both Ghostbusters movies. Margulies only had one scene in the original Ghostbusters, but it was certainly a very memorable one.

Other notable film roles for Margulies included Dressed to Kill, 9 1/2 Weeks, All That Jazz, Running on Empty and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. His television credits included Kojak, Tales from the Darkside, Touched by an Angel, Chicago Hope and NYPD Blue, but his most prominent work on the small screen was probably his recurring role as Tony Soprano’s lawyer, Neil Mink, on The Sopranos. I always liked to pretend that Ghostbusters and The Sopranos took place in the same universe, where Mayor Clotch had to borrow money from the mob to pay off the huge damage the Ghostbusters did to New York City and paid off his debt by becoming Tony Soprano’s attorney after his political career ended. R.I.P.


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