Before They Were Stars: 12-Year Old Brie Larson on “Raising Dad”

It’s time once again to do the traditional round of “Before They Were Stars” clips for this year’s Academy Award nominees. Brie Larson has received her first Oscar nomination for “Best Actress” and seems to be the favourite to take home the golden statuette for her phenomenal performance in Room. Larson has been acting since childhood and one of her first major roles came at age 12 when she was cast on the sitcom, Raising Dad, playing one of the two daughters of single dad Bob Saget. Raising Dad only lasted one season, but it’s also notable for another “Before They Were Stars” coup, as Saget’s other daughter was played by an unknown teenage Kat Dennings. I find it to be quite an amusing parallel that both of the young actresses on this show went on to very successful careers while Bob Saget is… well, going back to do a Full House reboot in the year 2016.

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