Before They Were Stars: Rachel McAdams in “My Name is Tanino”

It’s time once again to do the traditional round of “Before They Were Stars” clips for this year’s Academy Award nominees. Rachel McAdams has earned her first Oscar nomination for her performance in Spotlight, and it’s nice to see a fellow York University alumnus getting Academy Award recognition. In fact, McAdams and I both graduated from York in 2001, though we never crossed paths there (at least, not that I’m aware of). Anyway, McAdams’ first major film role came a year later when she was cast in an Italian-Canadian production called My Name is Tanino, playing an American tourist who falls in love with an Italian man named Tanino in Sicily. The movie was filmed in both Italian and English, but a version with subtitles is apparently impossible to find these days and this entire trailer is in Italian. However, the trailer does feature a very brief topless shot of McAdams as she is running into the water.

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