A moimaid’s got no gams

After an exceptionally lackluster January, we’re finally seeing the release of some interesting films! February kicks off with the new Coen Bros. “Golden Age of Hollywood” comedy-mystery Hail, Caesar!, and in spite of all the great stuff I’ve seen for it, I still feel trepidation about getting enthused for it. The last time I was this enthusiastic for a February release with an all-star cast was The Monuments Men, and damn, that movie did not turn out well at all. But this is the Coen Bros., so that probably improves the odds of this being good quite a bit. As does this amazing clip of Channing Tatum doing a musical number about the lack of dames on the sea. Don’t let me down, Coens.

Hail, Caesar! comes out February 5, 2016.

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