Before They Were Stars: Michael Buble as an Extra on “The X-Files”

I know that a lot of name actors did guest spots on The X-Files before they became famous, but one person I did not expect to see on this list was Michael Buble. Well, it turns out that when Buble was still a struggling musician, he decided to pick up some dough by working as an extra on some TV shows and one of them was this 1996 episode of The X-Files in which he played a World War II submarine crewman. Alas, Buble pretty much ruined any chances of a prospective acting career by getting himself fired from the show. His cardinal sin? Eating a hot dog from the craft services table, which is apparently a major no-no when you’re a lowly extra. In fact, the woman who fired Buble literally told him he was blacklisted and would never work in this town again. Let’s hope Mr. Buble displays a lot more compassion for the hard-working people who eat hot dogs from the craft services table at his shows.

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