Before They Were Stars: George Kennedy on “The Untouchables”

Sadly, the entertainment world has lost another legendary figure in 2016 as George Kennedy just┬ápassed away at the age of 91. Of course, Kennedy is best known to modern audiences for his role as Captain Ed Hocken in the Naked Gun movies, so it usually takes younger viewers by surprise to learn that Kennedy had a very successful career as a serious actor and even won an Academy Award for his role in Cool Hand Luke. Kennedy started off his career by doing guest spots on several television shows during the early 1960s, including a role as a bootlegger on a 1961 episode of The Untouchables. This particular clip is interesting because Kennedy gets into a fight with Robert Stack, another serious actor who got to showcase his comedy chops in a Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker production when he was cast in Airplane! (which ironically enough, spoofed the series of Airport movies which Kennedy starred in during the 1970s). So here’s your chance to see Ed Hocken go one-on-one with Rex Kramer!

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