The Reviewinator: Deadpool (2016)


Deadpool. Rated R!” That seemed to be at the forefront of many fanboys’ minds in the months leading to this movie’s release, as if the rating makes the movie. But anyone with a few years’ movie experience knows that’s complete and utter donkey balls (just look at the last two Die Hard movies). But there’s something arousing about an R-rated movie. In a world where most moviegoers are adults looking for escapism, we yearn for something that would make our mommies disown us. Even at the expense of touching ourselves in front of a crowd.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a cancer-stricken motor-mouth who voluntarily undergoes severe torture in order to be cured. But when he learns he can’t go back to his old life when it’s over, he breaks out, permanently scarred from head to toe, and sets off to find the people who made him this way, but not before he makes a shiny red suit with two swords, and like one or two guns (okay, ALL the guns).

This movie DOES NOT ignore X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Let me explain: it does not FOLLOW the events of that movie, but it sure loves to make fun of it to no end. Jokes about Hugh Jackman’s genitalia, sowing Deadpool’s mouth shut, and even an action figure of Weapon XI. This movie does not shy away from itself, or the X-Men universe, or the Marvel universe. It’s hyper-aware and loves to rock out with its… you know. A blatant reflection of the character of Deadpool himself.

The movie’s story is told fairly simply. The protagonist gets his powers from the antagonist, and then when he doesn’t play ball, the antagonist kidnaps the protagonist’s girlfriend to draw him out, culminating in a big, explosive, climactic fight scene. Were it not for the incredibly crude humor, this movie may have fallen flat. But it’s the sexually-charged one-liners, the gore shots, the self-deprecating jokes, and the breaking-the-fourth-wall moments that carry this movie along. It’s not that it isn’t good the way it is, but a LITTLE more substance may have helped it even further.

This is a very fun movie. Pure escapism! Almost escapism from escapism itself, if that’s even a thing. Ryan Reynolds wears this character like an extra large condom. He pours out his rage onscreen, and like good little groupies, we swallow every drop. And with Deadpool 2 confirmed in the post-credits scene, I for one can’t wait for more sarcastic comments and cock-shots. Maximum effort!

4 out of 5

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