Before They Were Stars (2-for-1 Special): Sting and The Ultimate Warrior as The Blade Runners

This past weekend, legendary wrestler Steve “Sting” Borden was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame and officially announced his retirement during his speech. Also, former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista teased this weekend that he was going to have a role in the upcoming Blade Runner 2. So how do these two events connect? Well, in the mid-1980s, Sting broke into the wrestling business with his friend Jim Hellwig, who would later find fame as the Ultimate Warrior. They started off in Memphis as a tag team called the Freedom Fighters, but before they each went their separate ways and found stardom, they traveled to the Universal Wrestling Federation and continued to wrestle together as a tag team for a little while. That team’s name? The Blade Runners!

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