Before They Were Stars: Cillian Murphy in “Watchmen”

No, not THAT Watchmen, though it would be interesting to see Cillian Murphy trade in his Scarecrow mask for a Rorschach mask. This Watchmen is actually a ten-minute short film from 2001 about two friends who come across a mysterious package. In addition to playing one of the leads, Murphy also co-wrote the short with its director, Paloma Baeza. That tidbit is interesting because Paloma Baeza just happens to be the spouse of Alex Garland, the screenwriter of the film which soon provided Murphy with his star-making role: 28 Days Later. Baeza has gone on to have a fairly successful career as an actress and even had a brief role as Cillian Murphy’s sister in Sunshine, another movie written by Alex Garland.

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