Before They Were Stars: Michael McKean Sings About Kent State in 1970

Long before they were a part of Spinal Tap, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer started off their careers as part of a comedy group called The Credibility Gap. During the late 1960s, they made their first appearance on the Los Angeles radio station, KRLA, where they provided satirical commentary on news events. On May 4, 1970, the world was shaken by the Kent State University shootings in which the Ohio National Guard opened fire on campus, killing four students and wounding nine others. By the time the Credibility Gap ran their next show the following day, they had already written and composed a new song about Kent State, which Michael McKean sang on the air. This song might have been lost forever, except that the person who posted this on Youtube actually held a tape recorder up to their radio speaker while it played and held onto the recording all these years.

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