Before They Were Stars: Vigo the Carpathian Gives the Most Awkward Boxing Interview Ever

Ever wanted to know more about Wilhelm von Homburg, the German actor who played Vigo the Carpathian in Ghostbusters II? Well, you might also recognize him as one of the terrorists who gets blown up with C-4 in Die Hard, but the guy’s got a pretty insane backstory and seems only slightly less unstable than Vigo! Seriously, we’re talking about a guy who admitted to raping his own stepmother and was believed to be the father of his own sister until DNA testing ruled that out! Anyway, before he broke into acting, von Homburg had a pretty successful career as a boxer under his real name, Norbert Grupe. In this surreal clip from 1969, Grupe is interviewed after losing a boxing match and becomes so disgusted at the interviewer’s questions that he refuses to answer anything and just spends the rest of interview giving off a creepy disgusted smile. So I guess you now know the origin story of Vigo the Carpathian’s creepy stare in that painting.

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