Find them. Bring them to mommy.

I wish I could say I was more excited for this Friday the 13th game. It should be a surefire win, given the state of games today. Take the actually good stuff from Evolve (and I know there wasn’t much), mix in the stealth combat of something like Shadow of Mordor or Batman: Arkham City, and you should have a fun little horror slasher game where you alternate between dodging Jason Voorhees and slaughtering camp counsleors. But damn, this gameplay footage doesn’t do much for me. I mean, there are pre-defined kill zones, and they mostly involve smashing heads into stuff? Jason is a great slasher movie villain because he’s creative with his kills and can execute them anywhere – why hold him back like that? This is probably still fairly early footage, and the game could get cooler from here, but from what I’m seeing…I’m not all that impressed, I’m afraid.

Friday the 13th comes out October of 2016.

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