Before They Were Stars: Jake “The Snake” Roberts is Decked by Muhammad Ali

I recently watched the documentary, The Resurrection of Jake the Snake, on Netflix, which chronicles former World Wrestling Federation superstar Jake “The Snake” Roberts and his attempts to conquer his drug and alcohol addictions. If you’re familiar with Jake the Snake’s decades-long struggles with addiction, you’ll know that successfully achieving sobriety is nothing short of a miracle for him. Anyway, I thought I’d post this clip of the one time Jake crossed paths with the late, great Muhammad Ali. Early in his career, before he made it to the WWF, Jake “The Snake” Roberts wrestled for the Mid-South promotion and on June 1, 1985, he had a match at the Superdome against an opponent called The Snowman, who had Muhammad Ali in his corner. Of course, the match ended with Ali cold-cocking Jake.

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