Castor’s Hallow’s Eve Duds – Peninsula: Train to Busan (2020)

‘Train to Busan: Peninsula’ is a faineant sequel to the exquisitely overrated South Korean zombie flick from 2016 and it doesn’t filibuster about pandemic theories (a pundit television appearance is the viewers’ only hypothesis and the acting is quite amateurish) when a breakneck pace is stipulated.

At this juncture, zombies are such wizened subjects that a dosage of military suppression is hardly resilient to the subgenre. While it might seem like a Delphic prophesy, the quarantine protocol on a ship’s lower deck is almost too pertinent during this Coronavirus outbreak.

Four years into the ordeal, ‘Treasure of the Sierra Madre’ is the granite for the picture with a temerarious heist at the epicenter. Instead of the overexposure on a dystopian Hong Kong wasteland, the hordes of undead are nuzzled away in pockets around the globe. It’s one of the macrocosmic innovations to the formulaic proceedings.

Aside from the lotophagous usage of zombies (which has been ablactated to death since AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ was renewed beyond season 4), the chimerical oddities are the only avant-garde creations such as the clustered hybrid inside the battle- royale pit.

Trailer : Train to Busan 2: Peninsula – Moviehole

With such pandemonium during the last act, it could be Gareth Evans moonlighting as the director with shirtless brawlers cudgeling their foes with wire-fu martial arts. The Sturm-und-Drang bloodbath is even onanistic on the chevroned T-bone car collision fake-out cliche while hydroplaning towards the haven of the naval boat.

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